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About the Service

IV Nutrition Therapy is a type of IV treatment that Replenishes the Body's Vitamins & Minerals to help it Repair or Restore Deficiencies

An IV line, PICC line, or port delivers the nutrients through a liquid solution. The IV drip delivers nutrients directly to the bloodstream. This type of service is delivered by a Registered Nurse.


What our clients can expect: You can relax while your Nurse prepares your IV Nutrition. Your Nurse will apply a tourniquet around your arm to temporarily stop the blood from flowing, which will feel tight around the area. There will be a moment of discomfort during the insertion of the IV. Your Nurse will do their best to obtain the IV access in 1 attempt. Please note the actual needle does not remain in your arm, it is only used to make the initial puncture into the skin and then it is removed. What remains in your arm is a sheath or "straw" to allow the fluids to infuse into your bloodstream. Your Blood Pressure, pulse and temp will be recorded before and after your infusion.


During the infusion, you may experience a cool sensation at the IV site, but no other discomfort is expected. During the infusion, your Nurse will keep an eye on you. Most Drips will infuse in about an hour.


After the infusion, your Nurse will remove the sheath, apply gauze, a bandage, and apply pressure to ensure that no further bleeding occurs

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About the owner and operator

Dianelle Simone is the owner and operator of DSimone Artistry and Wellness Drips

Dianelle is a Registered Nurse with a BSN who has been licensed in the state of New Jersey for ten years. She is also an Emergency Department trained RN and a travel nurse. IV infusions are a highly beneficial and efficient method of infusing fluids and medications into the body.


Through her company, DSimone Artistry, and while working with clients in the field of hair loss and restoration, it seemed like a natural progression to offer IV nutritional support to clients. One monthly drip can correct dehydration and malnutrition in the body, and our goal is to shift the focus and instill the need for optimal wellness. Clients will receive safe and effective care from our team of licensed health care professionals. To ensure maximum comfort and privacy, you can visit us at the salon and spa or use our convenient mobile services.

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